Most Productive Time

My child, time spent with Me is your most productive time of day. Don’t let distractions enter in to our time together. I have much to say to you so let your ears be attentive. Don’t let the thoughts of the day take over. I am jealous for you. I want our time to be just you and Me. Be single minded in your pursuit of Me. I am in hot pursuit of you!

Your King and lover of your soul.

1 thought on “Most Productive Time

  1. save marriage and relationship

    On a side note when there are difficulties or problems in a relationship or marriage, both the partners need to take effort to understand the other partner a lot more with each passing day. Usually imposing and controlling views and also acts will simply lead to more issues and also conflicts. Approval and acceptance has to be generally there from both sides in a relationship.
    Have a great day.


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