Seven Ingredients to a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle #4

Ingredient #4: Discipline. Happiness and health is the result of what you do, here and now. As Christine Caine from Hillsong Church says, “Daily disciplines may not seem glamorous, but they provide the foundation to do what we need to do in the future.”

Joyce Meyer says, “We need to meditate on the word of God and here’s the problem. We have bad habits that have to be broken. We are undisciplined in these areas. We are going to have to work with the Holy Spirit diligently and consistently over a period of time so don’t expect that just because you hear this message on discipline you’ll never have a battle again. You’re going to have to fight! It’s much better to fight for your life and fight for victory than it is to try to fight the devil all the time while he’s trying to defeat you.”

She goes on to say that our flesh is a gambler. It thinks it can get away with every little thing it wants. But our spirit is an investor. We might not see rewards right away, but down the road we will have success if we keep doing what we know we need to be doing.  Ephesians 4:23 and Romans 12:2 says that our mind and attitudes must be renewed and Proverbs 23:7 says as a man thinks so is he. Set your mind and keep it set on victory. Make your mind up that you’re not going to remain unhealthy, out of shape and tired all the time.

When I made my mind up things changed. Make up your mind to leave a healthy legacy for your family. Making your mind up and resolving to be healthy and get in shape will bring joy and vision and will increase your energy. Shake off lukewarm, lazy, passive, apathetic, poor me attitudes and say, “I’ve made my mind up! I’m going to be healthy. I’m going to lose the weight I need to lose. I’m going to be an excellent person.” Joyce still speaking here!

Discipline your mouth and watch what comes out of it as well as what goes into it. Every day make your mind up to eat the right foods and get some exercise. Discipline yourself to have a positive attitude and to be obedient to God. This will cost you. You won’t get your way all of the time. It doesn’t FEEL good all of the time. But you will become someone God can use and be proud of.

I was getting ready to go running with my 21 year old running buddy one morning recently and as I was putting on my hat I looked in the mirror, and the thought crossed my mind, “Who do you think you are? Who are you trying to kid, going out running with a 21 year old?” I had to immediately take that thought captive and turn it around to, “Why not me? I’m in pretty dang good shape and I can do this!”

We’re going to have to constanly take our thoughts captive as it says in Second Corinthians 10:5. Negative thoughts will continue to bombard us. Picture the devil as a little “insignificant guy” with a huge mouth that sits on your shoulder and whispers lies into your ear. All we need to do is flick him off!

Start saying out loud: “I am healthy, fit and strong.” “I have more energy than I know what to do with.” “I am living to my full potential in Christ.” “I am giving today my best effort.”

Speak these out loud to yourself until you believe them. When you believe them you will become that person.

How do you view yourself? What image do you see?  If it’s negative or not right, change the way you view yourself. It takes discipline.

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