Seven Ingredients for a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle #1

This is a condensed version of a talk I gave at a ladies breakfast at our church. Incorporating all these ingredients into your life will help increase your energy and put you on the road to a more healthy and fit lifestyle.

I love everything about food and nutrition and since it’s all about food with me, I named this, “Seven Ingredients to a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle”.

What I want to share are seven ingredients that have helped me have an abundance of energy and maintain, (key word here, MAINTAIN), a healthy & fit life.

We are tri-dimensional, physical, spiritual and mental, and deal with the complete person. This is the ONLY way to have complete success at a healthy balanced life. And we’re not all cut from the same mold, but we do have similarities. Take these basic ingredients and make your own recipe by tweaking things here and there until you find what works best for you as an individual. There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL. God will give you direction and wisdom. He has a purpose in mind for your life and He will lead you into it. But you’ve got to start moving so take the first step.

Ingredient #1. You must totally surrender to God and fully depend on Him alone. God created us in such a way that we can experience His “flow” by the power of the Holy Spirit. As we walk in His plan for our lives, He gives us everything we need. Strength in weakness, power in our inability and confidence in our circumstances. We must give over total control and fully surrender every part of our being. All our hopes, dreams, thoughts, mindsets, beliefs, everything must be surrendered to Him.

A wonderful new book hot off the press called, “Free From The Power Of Sin” says, “It all boils down to this; our beliefs, our mind-sets, our choices, and our behaviour are all dictated by what is truly in the heart. And the power to make positive choices is wholly dependent on one essential qualification. Christ’s indwelling presence. Walking our our faith, then, in the reality of our new self comes about by making up our mind to do so, while relying totally upon what God has already provided through His overcoming power.”

We must come to the place of total surrender and dependence on God, relinquishing EVERYTHING over to Him. That is the number one starting place for success in any area of our life.

Ingredient number 2 to follow. Stay tuned!

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