Live Food Nutrition

After doing the seven day juice fast I was really motivated to continue putting in the high nutrient dense foods so I could maintain that energetic feeling that I got by putting all those raw living foods in. I have been eating a vegan diet with whole foods since March 2011 and I have seen a huge difference in my energy level. The juice fast just confirmed what I was already starting to find out: Put live foods in and have more energy, vitality and just feel more alive. Put dead, low nutrient, empty calorie foods in and increase hunger, stress and fatigue sets in.

I learned something about stress. We have a hormone in our bodies called Cortisol. Cortisol goes up when we ingest unhealthy and stimulating foods like sugar and caffeine. When Cortisol goes up, our stress level goes up and that affects our adrenal glands. When our adrenal glands get fried, we feel fatigued and we are unable to lose fat or build muscle. Stress breaks down muscle tissue. What’s the answer to lowering our stress level? Well for starters we can change what we put into our bodies. Start adding more living whole fruits and vegetables. Juice green vegetables, add an apple or pear for sweetener and drink up. I can guarantee your energy will increase as you add more living foods and decrease dead foods. You’ll be amazed. Did you know that green leafy vegetables are 30% protein? Did you know that fruits like dates are instant energy?

Incorporating nutrient dense – High Net Gain Nutrition (living whole foods) will leave you satisfied and full of energy. Low Net Gain Nutrition (dead foods), will keep you craving sugars and stimulants and  they won’t turn off your hunger signal. They just don’t supply what your cells need. Hi Net Gain Nutrition will lower your Cortisol levels. You’ll sleep better and have less stress. Your nutrition plays a huge role in your stress level. Some high stress situations you just can’t avoid, but what you put into your mouths is something you have total control over.

Start now. Try it for 30 days and let me know your results.

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