Sweet Sacrifice of Time

My child, let your delight be in Me and My word. Meditate day and night. You will be firmly planted by streams of water and yield fruit in season. You will not wither but in all you do you will prosper. Choose to delight yourself and be happy in My presence. Choose to take time and wait, read and pray. My delight is in you My child, and I love it when you love to spend time with Me. Give yourself permission to take this time. There is nothing more important. Let the cares of this world fade away. Let Me wash over you and fill you up with My Holy Spirit and power. Rest here a while. Don’t rush our time together. Your sweet sacrifice of time is a fragrant aroma. Your praise and prayers are My delight.

Psalm 1:2-3.

1 thought on “Sweet Sacrifice of Time

  1. Anne Nash

    Hi Karen, Your blogs will intensify this week or so as you seek the LORD more than usual. I am glad that you can pave the way in prayer for others to set more time aside for prayer. I won’t start until next week. Be blessed.


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