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Do you ever feel like you’re dragging? Don’t have the energy that you’d like to have? Incorporate more whole and living foods into your diet. What do I mean when I say whole, living foods? Eat foods as close to the way God made them as possible. Cut back on processed foods. When you start eating more foods that are alive, you’ll end up with more energy. It makes sense doesn’t it? It doesn’t take long for food that is alive to enter into your blood stream and energize your cells. If you need energy, think twice about over stimulating your body with something that will leave you dragging in a few hours. Try eating fresh fruit instead. Or if you’re craving something sweet, eat a date. It’s natures candy! Want something salty, celery fits the bill. I have found that for every craving, God has the perfect food. When I eat food that is alive, fresh and whole I am satisfied longer and am more energetic. I don’t come crashing down either. My moods are level and I’m a much happier person. Do this little experiement: Compare the calories in an apple and a cookie. Eat the apple. Savor every bite. See how long it keeps you satisfied. I bet that you’ll be much more satisfied than if you’d eaten that cookie. When it comes to needing energy, you need carbohydrates. Just choose whole and living ones. I used to think that I was carb-sensitive. But that’s a discussion for another time. Just give this one thing a try. See how your body reacts by adding more whole, living foods into your diet every day. Your body will love you for it!

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