First Things First

To change an action you need to first change your mindset. This is what I learned that needed to happen before I could break out of my old habits. I had to start believing that it was possible to change and that I was capable of that change. Isn’t this where it all starts? Belief? You can resolve to take action but if you don’t really believe things will change, you will inevitably go back to your old way of doing things.

Nothing significant happens in life unless you plan for it. I sat down and wrote out some goals. But not just off the top of my head goals. I had to put some emotion behind them. I actually saw myself accomplishing those goals. What would if feel like? What would it look like? What would it mean if I didn’t do it? I didn’t just sit down and say, “I want to be _____lbs by next Christmas, I set out to achieve a certain body fat percentage that would require putting on muscle that might possibly increase the number on the  scale. Muscles weigh more than fat so measurements and clothes sizes became more important than the number on the scale. This required a radical change in my mindset.

So the first thing I recommend is to sit down, take some time and set some emotion packed goals. Write your goals out as if they have already been accomplished. Believe that you can do it. See yourself as God sees you. You are chosen, loved, adopted and favored. Start living the healthy life God has called you to.

Ephesians 1: 4-6

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Hi I'm Karen, wife, mother and grandmother. I am on the journey of a more intimate relationship with God. I'm blessed to married to a wonderful husband who is also in pursuit of intimacy with our Lord. We work together in real estate and ministry. We have four children and seven grandchildren.

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