The Nature of Biblical Belief

The Bible is jam packed with the promises of God, and they all hinge on one key promise: ”Whoever believes in Him will have eternal life.” What does it mean to believe? You may say, “Of course I believe in God,” or, “Yes, I believe in Jesus.” But what is the outcome of that belief? Has it changed your life in any meaningful way? Is your life any different from those who hold no such belief at all? 
            The term believe has become seriously watered down in our culture. It doesn’t come close to what the Bible says it is. It’s not uncommon for us to believe what is offered in life, yet more often than not these beliefs are merely superficial. So, what’s the point? It’s simply this: acting on God’s promises proves that we believe, unquestionably showing that we trust, that is, have faith, in what God offers. Our pursuit of God offers that proof.