Immersing Yourself in God

A fruitful relationship with Jesus can never be built only by attempting to obey God. Though obedience certainly has its place, relationship based on it alone will never succeed. Genuine fruitfulness can be achieved only one way: immersing ourselves in the very life of His Spirit—communing with God. Jesus wants us to “abide in Him.”

But how do we do this? First and foremost, personal time spent with God is indispensable. On a human level, have you ever heard of a strong relationship being built without the investment of time spent together? Genuine friendship is impossible without such a commitment. Just like in any human relationship, our bond with God depends on personal interaction. And it needs to be a two-way street—not only speaking to God, but also listening with the expectation that He intends to speak back. It often happens as we meditate in Scripture.