Wisdom Shouts!

“Wisdom shouts in the street…Turn to me and I will pour out my spirit on you; I will make my words known to you.” so says the first chapter of the book of Proverbs. It is God shouting this message. Just imagine it—the Creator of all things calling, calling, not as a whisper, but as a roar! And He continues to cry out today. Yet because God does not threaten immediate judgment on those who ignore Him, His call goes largely ignored, drowned out by the clamor of self-interest.
       The message goes on to say, “Because I called and you refused, I stretched out my hand no one paid attention,” you will be ignored “when distress and anguish come upon you.” God promises blessing for those who respond to Him, and judgment for those who refuse. Which will be your heritage? Choose wisely; choose life—eternal life in Jesus our Lord!