We Are Accepted

What if we—in spite of our weaknesses—were to boldly move forward in our relationship with God? Would Jesus meet us halfway? I’m not talking about the Lord letting us slide through life stunted, a mere shell of what we are intended to be. What I mean is that there is a willingness on God’s part to work with us, not abandoning us just because our heart isn’t yet all it should be. Gracious terms? I’ll say! 

The opportunity is always there for God’s Spirit to entrench itself all the more forcefully. It’s His gift to us. And consequently the transformation we so desperately need has the chance to take root all the deeper and just that much sooner.

Acceptance. It’s the very foundation of God’s redeeming power. Without it transformation is impossible. From glory to glory, you ask? Yes, we are to be changed into the very image of Jesus Himself! It’s what our life in Christ is all about.

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