A Child of God? Really?

“See how great a love the Father has for us that we would be called children of God? And such we are (1 John 3:1).” Yes, we are children of God! But saying “I am a child of God” often comes off a bit trite, doesn’t it. After all, have we stopped to consider what such a position really means?

What does being a child of God mean? To get just a glimpse, think about your own child for a moment. Do you remember holding him or her for the first time? How about the huge deposit of love and nurturing you invested as your child grew (or maybe is now growing) to maturity. Can you imagine what it would be like to lose that child to death or kidnapping? Heartbreaking doesn’t begin to convey the depth of emotion such an event would entail.

Does God actually feel this way about us? Yes–but to an even greater degree, for our love for our own is but a shadow of His love for us. His love for His children is incomprehensible to our finite mind.

So the next time you think or speak of being a child of God, stop and consider what it all really must mean. And then begin to take steps toward living it out as a reality. Begin to truly commune with Jesus each and every day, remembering how meaningful it is when our own kids make the effort to genuinely reach out to us. Let’s begin 2012 on a new foot!

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