Not just Troops but Fighters

Recently I woke up in the early hours of the morning (one of those expedient bathroom calls). Getting out of bed the thought came to me: “We need to stop being troops and start being fighters.” What an odd thought to have, especially under those circumstances. As I reflected on it later that morning, I concluded that it could only be the Lord speaking to me. But what did He mean?

Here is what I’m sure God was saying: We often talk about being a part of God’s army, not realizing what that really should entail. We are happy to serve Him, but not always willing to go beyond the routine duties of the Christian life. We are merely another one of the troops. Yet God is calling not just for troops but troops who are willing to fight.

Being a fighter in God’s kingdom means being willing to tackle any order He may issue. It means being diligent and persevering in whatever you think He has called you to do. He wants to use us in ways we could never really dream possible. But He can’t do that with any old member of His troops. God must have fighters serving Him. Only then will He be able to reach through His Church to impact this wounded and dying world.



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