The Weakness of our Flesh

Our flesh is weak, isn’t it? It wasn’t long after experiencing the awesome change of being born again that I started to notice some chinks in my armor. What’s this all about, I wondered? Why, if I truly did undergo such an incredible transformation, would I have even a remote desire to return to the things that were so destructive in my life? It amazed me because I knew from prior experience that sin could never be a source of lasting joy. And yet I was willing to toy with it. Could I really be that stupid?

And another issue bewildered me. Why was I now completely set free from some old habits while others sprang back with a vengeance? Yet there they were! I certainly couldn’t deny the reality of their existence. But why would God allow some weaknesses to plague me when He so mercifully delivered me from others?

(Excerpted from “Free from the Power of Sin: The Keys to Growing in God in Spite of Yourself”)

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